Tuesday, June 14

I completed 42 miles of handcycling today. My shoulders feel good after having received a diagnosis last November of serious arthritis. Have been on an anti-inflammatory diet [no gluten (wheat), no casein (dairy), no phytates (soy, except Miso and Tempeh), no refined sugar], and along with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and massage, my shoulders are now able to arm-power my handcycle 40-50 miles a day without pain. We’ll see how it feels once the 800 mile handcycling tour begins on Saturday, June 25, at 8 am from behind Lincoln Hall on Portland State University campus, for the 30-mile trip to the first stop at 2 pm in Newberg, OR. But this is a routine I must keep up for at least three weeks until I arrive in San Francisco. On Friday evening at 7 pm, June 24, the night before, I will have unveiled for the public my new book at a signing in the upstairs community room, People’s Food Co-op, SE 21st and Tibbetts in Portland.

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