Handcycling Preparation

To prepare for handcycling the 800 miles from Portland to San Francisco Bay Area, promoting my book AND cycling as transportation POLICY, I am building up my endurance by increasing my weekly miles to over 200, while doing monitored weight training, acupuncture, massage, and a very conscious diet that precludes gluten (wheat), casein (dairy, tho butter is okay), phytates (uncultured soy), refined sugar, and nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers). So, I eat most fruits and vegetables, cultured soy such as miso and tempeh, rice, deepwater fish, organic beef and poultry, eggs, oatmeal, teff, natural sweeteners such as honey/agave/rice syrup, beans and lentils, gluten-free bread, and a sundry of other foods. This is a diet that eliminates those foods that tend to be inflammatory while possessing cancer preventing anti-oxidants.

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2 Responses to Handcycling Preparation

  1. Reijo says:

    Brian, you are a real model for us all. What is the reason that you do not want to ingest nightshades?

  2. My naturopath physician has eliminated various imflammatory foods from my diet, such as nightshade vegetables, all refined sugar, gluten (wheat), casein (dairy except butter is ok), phytates (soy, except miso and tempeh are ok), corn, pork. As I now am turning 70, my shoulders, especially stressed due to my thousands of miles (55,000 miles over 13 years) of handcycling. So careful food intake while eliminating certain known irritants for some people, reduces arthritis and aches and pains. So, since it works, no complaints. I can eat plenty of good food so not a problem.