Today, June 4, I handcycled 45 miles as I strive to build up my endurance that will certainly be tested once I start the daily cycling tour on June 25. I started too late in the day — 9am. I need to get in the habit of beginning at 6am so that I get all the day’s cycling in before noon when the sun is more vertical, more fatiguing, and before the winds pick up in velocity. I first cycled east on the Springwater Corridor into a headwind to near Boring, then reversed directions and cycled west to downtown with the tail wind (big relief). Took a short break along the Willamette River before going east up the long, but fairly gradual hill, but again into a headwind. It is all practice as I will need to confront various weather factors day after day — temperature, wind, humidity — and change of elevation up or down, etc. Stay tuned!

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