My Country is the World

My Country is the World cover imageBrian recently put together a companion volume to Blood on the Tracks, which he self-published early in 2013 under the title, My Country is the World: Photo Journey of a Stumbling Western Satyagrahi. The 6″x9″ softcover numbers 280 pages and contains over 400 images from Brian’s personal archives, presented in chronological order, which together tell the story of his amazing life.

The book contains detailed captions in addition to the images. A less intimidating read than Blood on the Tracks, it is a great choice for the classroom. My Country is the World is available online at CreateSpace. The purchase price is $34.09, not including shipping.

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3 Responses to My Country is the World

  1. Maureen Mitchell says:

    BLOOD ON THE TRACKS I supported you then and I support you now

  2. Maureen Mitchell says:

    I saw the article in the SF Chronicle today. 1988. I was a Acupunture student at the time. I joined the protest that followed your accident. We set up tents so mediatation and prays would be continuous for 24 hours.

  3. Only now can I even begin to visualize Brian’s journey after reading “Blood On The Tracks” and talking with him. Together these books are a compelling nudge to examine my own life and where my journey leads. Thanks, Brian.