From Cleveland to Western Mass

After much anxiety on all sides (due to the known difficulty of finding the train station plus a combination of train lag and sleep deprivation), Art Dorland graciously delivered us to the Amtrak station in time to make our 5:50 departure. On the other end, Brian’s good old friend Karen Fogliatti met us at the Springfield station.

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One Response to From Cleveland to Western Mass

  1. Bob Levin says:

    Dear Brian,

    Brother I will gladly buy your book. Would like to stay in touch with you. In 1994 I survived a pseudo successful assassination attempt by the U.S. Naval Department using an actor working out of the Pentagon. I died with an out of body experience before my recovery and relearning how to walk a second time. I won a federal lawsuit against the government and was later told by a source inside the USDOJ that my attorney left one million on the table. Still later I became a FBI whistleblower and have existed for the past decade as a U.S. torture victim. There is nothing for me here anymore and I was told I’ll never find employment in America again. Understanding the immunity, but not impunity of U.N. signatories, I am seeking asylum in Canada in lieu of a defection if need be.

    Best wishes;